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Private Lessons

LA Kings Icetown is an International Training Center that provides private figure skating lessons to skaters of all ages and skating abilities. Taking private lessons from one of our skilled figure skating professionals allows you to improve your own skills faster and at your own rate of learning while preparing you to pass a new test level and/or participate in competitions.

Arranging Private Lessons

If you would like additional information regarding private lessons, please contact the Director of Figure Skating. You may also come by and observe our professional coaching staff. They are available to meet with you directly to schedule a day and time for your lesson.

  • Lesson fees do not include the price of admission and/or skate rental.  These fees are payable directly to the rink.
  • Our coaches operate as Independent Contractors who use our facility to teach their private lessons; therefore, they set their own schedule based on their availability and payment for the lesson is made directly to the coach.
  • If you are enrolled in Skating Academy, you receive public session admission for free with your membership; take advantage of this benefit and use it to take some lessons!


The cost for private lessons varies depending on the instructor and their skill level.

Meet Our Coaches

Icetown boasts a talented and diverse coaching staff who are ready to help your skater meet his or her goals.  You may contact any coach directly regarding private lesson rates and availability or complete the form at the bottom of the page for a referral.


Melissa Knutson, Figure Skating Director

Specializing in beginner and advanced jump technique and stroking/power skating/moves in the field, Melissa, a USFS Gold test medalist in Figures, Freestyle, and Dance, has 25 years of full-time coaching experience.  She is a coach of Regional, Sectional, and National competitors, including the Riverside Illusions Synchronized Skating Team from 2005-2007.  In addition to being a USFS, PSA, and ISI member, Melissa also has a B.A. in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine from University of Pittsburgh.  Melissa has been the Figure Skating Director at Icetown Riverside since 2013.

Contact Melissa at or (909) 855-0385. 


Monica Sheya-Viola, Figure Skating Director

Monica is a PSA exam-certified coach in the discipline of Freestyle as well as an ISI World Coach and Gold-Certified Judge.  Monica has been an experienced, full-time coach for 26 years and has tested Gold in USFS Figures and Freestyle.  She has been the head coach of USFS Gold medalists, regional, national, and international competitors.  Monica specializes in beginner and advanced jump technique, stroking/power skating/moves in the field, music editing, and choreography and program design.  She is also trained to teach skaters with special needs and who are vision- or hearing-impaired.  Monica is a USFS, PSA, and ISI member and has been the Figure Skating Director at Icetown Riverside since 2013.

Contact Monica at or (951) 264-4233.


Stephanie Adrian

Stephanie has been an experienced, full-time coach for over 10 years and is a USFS, ISI, and ACSM member.  In addition to being a USFS Gold medalist in Moves in the Field, she was the 2007 US Adult Figure Skating Championship Gold Medalist and team captain of the Riverside Illusion Synchronized Skating Team from 2004-2006.  Stephanie has experience as the head coach of Riverside Theatre on Ice and as the assistant coach of Sectional and National Synchronized Figure Skating team.  She holds a Masters of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and is a certified Pilates instructor as well as an adjunct professor of health and exercise science at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA.

Lindsay.jpgLindsay Davis

Lindsay Davis has over 17 years of competitive experience and seven years of coaching experience in figure skating. She is a two-time U.S. National Medalist in both Junior Ladies and Senior Pairs and a five year national competitor. Her endeavors within the sport of figure skating gave Lindsay the unique opportunity to travel and compete nationally and internationally with Team USA of the United States Figure Skating Association for over four years from 2010-2014. With her passion and love for sports, Lindsay is currently obtaining a Master of Science in Sport Psychology from California Baptist University. Upon completion, she hopes to pursue a professional career in sport psychology aiding athletes, on and off the ice, to reach their absolute potential.


Elaina Emery

As a Professional Skaters Association exam-certified coach, Elaina enjoys teaching freestyle, beginner and advanced jump and spin technique, and stroking/power skating/moves in the field.  In addition to being a USFS, PSA, and ISI member, she is also an ISI World Coach and Silver-Certified Judge.  Elaina has five years of ballet and gymnastics experience and more than 15 years of figure skating experience.  She completed the Icetown Coaching Intern Program.



Felicia Fox

Using her experience as an accomplished skater, Felicia specializes in beginner and advanced spin and jump technique, choreography, and music editing.  She is the 2002 US National Junior Bronze medalist, the 2002 ISU Junior Grand Prix Bronze medalist, and a five-time US National competitor and member of Team USA.  Felicia is a USFS Sectional Technical Specialist and a PSA exam-certified coach in the disciplines of Choreography, Freestyle, and Sports Science; she has a B.A. in Sociology from University of California, Riverside.  Felicia served as the Figure Skating Director at Icetown Riverside from 2009-2013.



Sabrina Ghaly

Amanda Holmes

Amanda has ten years of coaching experience working with all ages of skaters in USFS and ISI programs and is an ISI Gold-level judge.  Amanda is a PSA exam certified coaches in Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Group Instruction, and Sports Science.  She was the recipient of the Professional Skaters Association's Walter and Irene Muehlbronner Scholarship in 2008.  Amanda has passed Senior Moves in the Field and is a former regional competitor in USFS Novice Ladies Freestyle, Masters Junior/Senior Freestyle, and ISI Platinum Freestyle.  She has a BA in Economics from the University of North Carolina and a Master's in Economics from Southern Methodist University.

Contact Amanda at or (336) 587-3396.

Georgia James

In addition to being a member of ISI, USFSA, and PSA, Georgia has 15 years of skating and competitive experience as a Regional Competitor & National Showcase Competitor. She is also ranked top 10 in the Nation as a National Showcase Silver Medalist and United States Double Gold Medalist. Furthermore Georgia is a Senior Level Competitive Member of the UCSD Figure Skating Team and a National Intercollegiate Competitor. Along with her 3 years of coaching experience and 6 years of musical training, music editing she has showcased for local, regional, and national competitions.


Contact Georgia at

Nicole Larsen

In addition to being a member of both USFSA and PSA, Nicole is also a USFS Gold medalist in Freestyle and Moves in the Field.  She has been trained by Olympic and World coach Tammy Gambill and specializes in Freestyle/Moves in the Field/Stroking, choreography, and beginner/advanced spin and jump technique.  She is also AED certified.

Contact Nicole at or (909) 206-9166.

Katie.jpgKatie Nichols

With experience as an ISI and USFS competitor, Katie uses her 15-plus years of skating and classical ballet experience to pass on her knowledge of and excitement for the sport of figure skating to her students.  She enjoys teaching skaters in her group lessons as a part of Icetown's Skating Academy and skating camps as well as in private lessons.  She currently attends LA Sierra University in Riverside, CA.

Contact Katie at (909) 583-3184. 


Sean Rabbitt

Sean is a current Senior Men’s competitor for the United States who has competed at the international level.  An 8-time Southwest Pacific Regional Medalist (2009-2017), Sean took 8th place in the Senior Men’s category at the 2017 National Championships.  He has 15 years of training in multiple styles of dance including Ballet, Jazz, and Hip-Hop.  Sean specializes in all around technique (jumps and spins) for skaters of all levels, as well as choreography.


Mai Takiguchi

Victoria Valenzuela

Jennifer Wilson


Jennifer has been figure skating since she was a child, participating in local competitions through the Freeskate 5 level.  Ice skating remains her passion, and she enjoys sharing her love of the sport with beginning skaters, teaching them the foundations of edges, stroking, cross overs, and other important elements.  Professionally, Jennifer has taught special education for Riverside Unified School District for 8 years as a Resource Specialist, and enjoys working with children of all ages.  She hopes to impart her enthusiasm for skating with beginning skaters so that they can develop an appreciation of the sport of figure skating.

Stacie Kuglin


Stacie began her full-time coaching career in 1980. She is PSA Master Rated in Moves in the Field, Senior Rated in both Figures and Freestyle, serves on the PSA Area Representatives Committee, is a PSA Ratings Examiner and an ISI Gold level judge. She is a USFS Gold Medalist in Figures and Dance and her students have achieved USFS Gold Medals in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Dance, Solo Free Dance, as well as, USFS Regional, Sectional and Adult Nationals Medalists. She enjoys teaching all ages and abilities.

Contact Stacie at:   or 951-309-1379

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