Youth In-House League Details

Draft Skate

Icetown Riverside’s draft skate is held the first weekend of any new In-House season.  Players are encouraged to attend so that their current skill level can be assessed.  Coaches use this assessment to compile competitive teams for the league. After the first three weeks of the regular season, additional player trades may occur to different teams to ensure a competitively balanced division within the league. Team and coach requests are considered;  however, Icetown reserves the right to place a player on any team at any time during the regular season.


Jersey packages are to be purchased at the Pro Shop for $60.00 plus tax.  This fee is in addition to the league dues.  Jersey package will include (1) Home Jersey, (1) Away Jersey, and (1) pair of hockey socks. 

Jersey packages do not need to be purchased every season.  As long as your jersey fits, you can continue using the same jersey for multiple seasons.

Players are encouraged to add their favorite number and last name which can be purchased at the Pro Shop on-site.

8U Specifics


Coaches will break division down to small groups to conduct station-based practices.  Groups assembled during practice are typically the same groups placed on teams per the following Saturday game.  Players who dress as goaltenders for the practice will also dress as goaltenders for the game. Each week, different players are given the opportunity to dress as a goaltender assuming the loaner gear is available at that time.


Multiple games are conducted in a Cross-Ice format to allow for smaller area’s of play and a high volume of puck touches per player. This format follows the USA Hockey American Development Model and is proven to be more beneficial for the 8 and under age group.  Players are assigned to one of four teams and assigned a dedicated coach. Shifts are 90 seconds long during the 4x 12minute periods. Between the second and third period, teams will switch from one side of the ice to the other to allow for better viewing by their family and friends in attendance.

10U, 13U, & 17U General


All teams are given one hour of ice time on half a sheet of ice per practice. Coaches have the freedom to select the proper USA Hockey drills to address their individual team needs. All practices are monitored and tracked to ensure that all practice plans meet the current USA Hockey coaching curriculum. Goaltenders receive dedicated coaching by an on-site goalie coach who coordinates the practice with the player’s head-coach.  Goaltenders will work both 1-on-1 with the goalie coach and with their teams based on what the coaches feel is required to better both the player and team for that practice. Goalies looking to get additional 1-on-1 instruction are encourage to enroll in our Goalie Academy program.


Regular season:

  • Three 15-minute run-time periods
  • Stoppage only occurs if a game is within 1 point during the last two minutes of the 3rd period
  • Two-minute penalities
  • Immediate off-sides for 10U, delayed off-sides for 13U & 17U
  • Goal-post pegs for 13U & 17U only
  • No overtime or shoot-outs during regular season


The above applies with the addition of:

  • National Anthem before Championship playoff games
  • Stoppage occurs if a game is within 1 point during the final 30 seconds of the 3rd period
  • Three-minute run-time overtime in the event of a tie at the end of regulation
  • Sudden death shootout in the event of a tie at the end of overtime


Each In-House team will be assigned a dedicated Goaltender at the start of the season. Should the goaltender assigned to a specific team not be available, they should contact the youth in-house director to arrange for a substitute. If a substitute goaltender is not available, a player on the same team will be required to dress as a goaltender. Goaltender substitution requests must be approved by the in-house director for any game and\or practice. Failure to do so can result in a forfeit or automatic loss of a game.

New Goaltenders to Icetown’s In-House Program:

Limited spaces are open for goaltenders new to Icetown’s Youth In-House program, but interested players are still encourage to attend draft skate. Returning Goaltenders receive team placement priority in their previous age division.  Should a returning goaltender fail to register and attend our Draft Skate weekend for at least one (1) draft skate, a forfeit of their placement priority shall occur. Forfeiting goaltenders lose all priority moving forward and are classified as “Walk-Ins”.  In the event that a goaltender not return, the placement will be given to any goaltenders looking to move up who were previously registered the prior season in a younger age division. When more than one goaltender is looking to move up, the oldest player (based on Date of Birth) will be given priority for the available placement. If there are no goalies looking to move up a division, only then will the placement be offered to a new In-House registering goaltender.  Goalie Academy participants receive priority placement over walk-ins. Walk-ins are classified as non-In-House, Non-Academy goaltenders who register for a new In-House season.  Icetown reserves the right to modify this In-House Goaltender policy at any time and does not guarantee that registered goaltenders will be placed on a team.

Other Rules & Info:

  • Dry-land training is not conducted by our In-House League. If you are looking to get additional Dry-land training for your player, consider enrolling in one of the Jr. Reign's training programs.
  • All teams are assigned a USA Hockey Certified Head-Coach assisted by volunteer coaches. All coaching staff are required to undergo a background check required by SCAHA before stepping into a locker room or on the ice with players.
  • All 10U thru 17U games feature USA Hockey certified officials.  Volunteer officials are provided for 8U games.
  • Icetown has a strict policy against parent volunteer team managers and recruitment.  It is not permitted under any circumstance and can lead to ejection from the league and Icetown’s premises. This is to protect both our players and their information. 
  • Players are required to dress in their provided locker room for practices and games. Locker rooms are monitored by Coaches and other volunteer staff who have undergone a required SCAHA background check. Cameras and camera phones are not permitted in the locker room under any circumstance. Locker rooms or dressing areas are provided for both males and females for every In-House session.
  • At the end of every season, players will be provided with a participation award.
  • A family discount of 10% will be applied to any family who registers more than one player at the time of registration.
  • Unlimited public skate access is provided during the duration of the in-house season to registered participants.
  • Players who wish to play up or down in the next division may do so pending the approval of the In-House director. If the director feels that the player needs to move up or down a division for the benefit of the player or division, Icetown reserves the right to do so.
  • Refunds and/or credits will only be granted if a doctor's note is provided in a timely manner.
  • Icetown Riverside reserves the right to change, amend, modify suspend, continue or terminate all or any part of the Rules and Information of the In-House League either in an individual case or in general, at any time without notice. 

Contact Information

Please send us a quick memo and we will get back to you within 24 hours.